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Bad-Seed FAQ
Version 0.2
Last updated: December 9th, 1997



  1. Index, Acronyms and Credits
  2. Biography
  3. Discography
  4. Bibliography
  5. Filmography
  6. Related bands and their important releases
  7. Original versions of songs covered by Nick Cave
  8. Influences on Nick Cave's work
  9. Translations of selected lyrics to English
  10. Quoted Sources
  11. Roadmap of NCs Music
  12. Hidden Tracks on the X-files CD
  13. Portobello Cafe

Roadmap of NIck Cave's Music
(or "I like this, what to buy next?")

What to buy if you have the most recent album

As most people seem to start with the most recent NC&tBS album, a suggested route through the rest of the albums in terms of accessibility might be:

The Boatman's Call -> Murder Ballads -> Let Love In -> The Good Son -> Your Funeral...My Trial -> Henry's Dream -> Tender Prey -> Kicking Against The Pricks -> The Firstborn Is Dead -> From Her To Eternity -> Bad Seed/Mutiny -> Prayers On Fire -> Junkyard -> Hee-Haw -> Door, Door

What to buy based on the album you like

On the other hand, logical links in the sense of "I like this, what album should I buy next?" might be:

The Boatman's Call -> The Good Son / Let Love In
Murder Ballads -> The Boatman's Call / Your Funeral...
Let Love In -> Tender Prey / Murder Ballads
Henry's Dream -> Tender Prey / Let Love In
The Good Son -> The Boatman's Call
Tender Prey -> Henry's Dream / The Bad Seed/Mutiny
Your Funeral My Trial -> The Bad Seed/Mutiny / Murder Ballads
Kicking... -> The Firstborn.../From Her...
The Firstborn... -> Kicking Against the Pricks/Tender Prey
From Her... -> The Firstborn Is Dead/Tender Prey
The Bad Seed/Mutiny -> From Her to Eternity
Junkyard -> The Bad Seed/Mutiny
Prayers On Fire -> Junkyard
Hee-Haw -> Prayers On Fire
Door, Door -> Hee-Haw

Note that this is Dolf's and Ross' personal opinion!

The Road from NC&TBS to The Birthday Party:

Question: I like NC&TBS, but haven't got any material by The Birthday Party. What should I start with?

Answer (1): There is little concensus about which is the best BP album, so there is no obvious answer.

Answer (2): 'Hits' is a good compilation that covers the whole existance of the BP, and has some good sleevenotes. However if you buy it you'll probably then decide that you want to buy all the original albums as well...

Answer (3): If you want to hear BP stuff that sounds most like NC&tBS, then it is probably best to work backwards, so start with the 'Bad Seed / Mutiny In Heaven' album (Thanks, Oliver).

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