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Bad-Seed FAQ
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  1. Index, Acronyms and Credits
  2. Biography
  3. Discography
  4. Bibliography
  5. Filmography
  6. Related bands and their important releases
  7. Original versions of songs covered by Nick Cave
  8. Influences on Nick Cave's work
  9. Translations of selected lyrics to English
  10. Quoted Sources
  11. Roadmap of NCs Music
  12. Hidden Tracks on the X-files CD
  13. Portobello Cafe

Influences on Nick Cave's work

In a 1995 interview with an Israeli newspaper, Nick was asked to name nine things that had changed his life, so these may be called influences on his work. These are:

  1. Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita, read to him by his father when 12 years old.
  2. Dostoyevskiy - Crime and Punishment, especially for the murder scene...
  3. The Bible, influenced many of his songs.
  4. Painting, having been an Art student for two years. Nick likes religious painting, especially German Gothic art (Gruenwald, Lochner) and in modern art Giorgio de Chirico, Francis Bacon and L. Freud.
  5. Bob Dylan, Nick seems to admire "Slow Train Coming".
  6. John Lee Hooker, all-time favourite.
  7. Badlands, a movie directed by Terence Malick, a loose retelling of the story of Charles Starkweather and Caril Anne Fugate, who went on a killing-spree.
  8. Anita Lane, once his girlfriend and Bad Seed, seemed to have changed his life thoroughly.
  9. Luke, his son. Has filled a gap in his life.

Other assumed influences from music are: Elvis Presley (consider "Tupelo"), early punk bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Saints, The Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Madonna, The Stranglers, John Cale, The Carpenters.

Straub's "The Juniper Tree," and Nick's song "Do you love me? part II), in which the narrator of the story recounts his molestation in a movie theater seem to be related. You'll also find Straub's influence in "The Curse of Millhaven"--Millhaven is the fictional town in Straub's novel "The Throat" (and in several ancillary pieces).

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