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  1. Index, Acronyms and Credits
  2. Biography
  3. Discography
  4. Bibliography
  5. Filmography
  6. Related bands and their important releases
  7. Original versions of songs covered by Nick Cave
  8. Influences on Nick Cave's work
  9. Translations of selected lyrics to English
  10. Quoted Sources
  11. Roadmap of NCs Music
  12. Hidden Tracks on the X-files CD
  13. Portobello Cafe

Related bands
and their most important releases

Einstuerzende Neubauten

EN is the band founded on April 1, 1980 by Blixa Bargeld (also member of The Birthday Party and nowadays of The Bad Seeds), N.U. Unruh, F.M Einheit ("Mufti"), Alexander Hacke (Once in Crime and the City Solution) and Mark Chung. EN created music making use of diverse appliances, such as chain saws, drills, metal percussion sculptures, tape, amplified guitar noise etc. Every release is unexpected, not only because of the time between them, but also because the music changes with every album.

Concise Discography:


1982 Kollaps;


1983 Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T.;


1984 Strategien gegen Architektur I;

LP + Video

1985 Halber Mensch;


1987 Fuenf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala;


1989 Haus der Luege;


1991 Die Hamletmaschine;


1991 Strategien gegen Architektur II;


1993 Tabula Rasa;


1993 Malediction;


1996 Faustmusik;


1996 Ende Neu.

A biography of EN is Klaus Maeck's "Einstuerzende Neubauten: Hoer mit Schmerzen (Listen with Pain)", new edition released in 1996, ISBN 3-88030-028-3 (old edition) or 3-931126-09-9 (new edition), Die Gestalten Verlag. A complete discography is available at:

There is an EN mailing list, the "Einstuerzende Adressiermaschine", which is manually maintained and has about 80 members. Subscriptions can be sent to: oafergus@watarts.uwaterloo.ca

Mick Harvey

Mick Harvey has played with Nick Cave since The Boys Next Door and has as solo-projects written the soundtracks for the films "Alta Marea" and "Vaterland". He produced many of the Bad Seeds' albums, although he's not credited for this... In autumn 1995, he released his second solo album, "Intoxicated Man", containing Serge "Je t'aime" Gainsburg covers in English translation. He recorded his second album devoted to Serge Gainsbourg this year. He lives in Melbourne. See also under Crime and the City Solution.

Concise Discography:




Intoxicated Man


Pink Elephants

Anita Lane

Anita Lane, once Nick's girlfriend, appearing on (the cover of) "From Her To Eternity" and having been given the credits for writing "Stranger than Kindness", has worked with Einstuerzende Neubauten singing the English version of "Blume" (Flower). Shealso collaborated with other bands like Die Haut and with Barry Adamson (Covering "These Boots Are Made For Walking"). Her first solo release was a 12" "Dirty Sings", featuring Nick Cave. Now, she has her first solo album out, "Dirty Pearl", the CD version of which contains the aforementioned 12" and a song she did with the Birthday Party. Another project was her collaboration with Mick Harvey on his second album, as mentioned above.

Crime and the City Solution

C&CS already existed in the late seventies. The albums are from later dates and are played on by Simon Bonney, Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard, Harry Howard and Epic Soundtracks. The Howard family and Epic Soundtracks quit in 1986 to form "These Immortal Souls". The new line-up consisted of Simon Bonney, Mick Harvey, Alexander Hacke (Einst. Neub.), Bronwyn Adams, Chrislo Haas and Thomas Stern. Their latest album contains a track for Wim Wender's film "Bis ans Ende der Welt" ("Until The End Of The World") called "The Adversary". Officially, their status is that they dissoluted. Simon Bonney has 2 solo CDs: "Forever" and "Everyman" and is recording a third.

See the following URL for some more information: http://www.trouserpress.com/bandpages/CRIME_AND_THE_CITY_SOLUTION.html

Concise Discography:


The Dangling Man (EP)


Just South of Heaven (Mini LP)


Room of Lights




The Bride Ship


Paradise Discotheque


The Adversary - Live

Barry Adamson

Barry Adamson discovered the bass guitar in 1977 and joined the Manchester band "Magazine" the day after. After releasing five albums, the band collapsed in 1981 and Barry joined the Birthday Party several times. After the BP became The Bad Seeds, Barry recorded the first four albums with them, after which he decided that rock music wasn't exactly what he wanted to play. He started a solo career making film-music for non-existing films and for real films, such as Carl Colpaert's "Delusion" and "Delayed Shock". Barry has recently released the album "Oedipus Schmoedipus", with Nick Cave singing "The Sweetest Embrace".

He recently collaborated with Trent Reznor and Angelo Badalamenti on David Lynch's movie "Lost Highway", as well as has done a remix for Depeche Mode's "Useless" single.

Concise Discography:


Moss Side Story




Soul Murder


The Negro Inside Me


Oedipus Schmoedipus

The Dirty Three

A (mainly) instrumental band, formed in 1993 by Warren Ellis (Violin), Jim White (Drums) and Mick Turner (Guitar). They performed several times with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis appears on the LLI, MB and TBC albums. They play on the two hidden tracks of the X-files album, one of which together with Nick Cave. Their style was somewhere described as "folk-rock-punk drinking songs". Warren Ellis is listed as member of the Bad Seeds on TBC.

A D3 homepage is located at: http://members.tripod.com/~leh/d3main.html

Concise Discography:


The Dirty Three


Sad and Dangerous


Horse Stories

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