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Because of Nick's lack of penetration into the US music scene, most fan web pages are located outside the US. These pages will often load slowly, so have patience. All links will open in a new window.

Sites about Nick Cave

Official Sites
As of 2004, there the official Nick Cave site: http://www.nickcaveandthebadseeds.com/. (Maybe they'll stick with it for a while. Previously a number of different .com, .co.uk and .net sites were used.)
The Cave Inn
My old Nick Cave site is still available since Erik's stopped updating the AngelInDevilsBoots.com. Erik, are you out there?
From The Archives
Facts, Facts, Facts. You've got to check out the in depth information that's available at Hans' From The Archives. He's done a great job at collecting the details NC&tBS through 1990. Great stuff.
NC Collector's Hell
NCCH is the darling web site of Maurice, quite possibly the most knowledgeable fan of Nick's activities in the free world. He's stopped updating the site, but if he leaves it up, it still has a good amount of information. Erik at Angel In Devil's Boots will be incorporating it soon.
More Fans
There are plenty more fan sites available here. If you'd like your site to be added to this list, please use my feedback form.

Sites about Bad Seeds

Bad Seeds Past and Present
I've developed a page that lists official and unofficial 'home' pages for some of the Bad Seeds that have seen fit to have them.


Record Label Sites

Mute Records
Nick's Record Label


Reprise Records
Nick's U.S. Distributor


Other Sites

Finally someone has begun to collect Piano tabs for artists. This site has a few for Nick. To get to them, look under 'C' for Cave.
Ultimate Band List
UBL The Ultimate Band List has links to bands, record labels, radio stations, chats and events, record stores, fanzines, news, and charts. It's organized by artist and the information can be modified by users.
The Birthday Party.com
New life for an old band. Yes even a band disbanded for more than a decade has an official web site. It's soon have a shoping facility where people can buy the legendary stuff directly from the band. Gone out like a candle on a birthday cake...
Mutiny In Heaven
A great Birthday Party page. This site from Australia has a great library of information about the Birthday Party, the band Nick was part of between 1980 and 1983.
Beautiful Black Wind Webring
A ring of sites dedicated to artists that portray all aspects of life, not just the pop culture, rose-colored glasses version.


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