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  13. Portobello Cafe

Portobello Cafe

Between 1995 and 1997, Nick Cave and the departed Michael Hutchence (late singer of INXS) were co-owners of the Portobello Cafe on Portobello Road, one of the most famous and trendier spots in London. Nick and Michael, along with Madness' Carl Smith and Andy Ross, the man who discovered and signed Blur, invested in an 'alternative Planet Hollywood' in London, England. Their finances helped fund a so-called 'acoustic back room' at the Portobello Cafe where some of Britain's top stars could perform.

The cafe was located at 305 Portobello Road

Reports from visitors were somewhat disappointed about the cafe's atmosphere. It has since closed, presumably shortly after Hutchence's death.

Notes in 1998 point to Nick having some stake in a restaurant called Jimmy Beez, located just next to the old Portobello Cafe. It's address is 303 or 307 Portobello Road.

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