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Bad-Seed FAQ
Version 0.2
Last updated: December 9th, 1997



  1. Index, Acronyms and Credits
  2. Biography
  3. Discography
  4. Bibliography
  5. Filmography
  6. Related bands and their important releases
  7. Original versions of songs covered by Nick Cave
  8. Influences on Nick Cave's work
  9. Translations of selected lyrics to English
  10. Quoted Sources
  11. Roadmap of NCs Music
  12. Hidden Tracks on the X-files CD
  13. Portobello Cafe


Inner City Sound, by Clinton Walker, 1982
(BND & BP). Published by Wild and Wooiley (Australia)

Forced Exposure, 1986?
Massachusetts fanzine contains one-act plays by Nick Cave.

Tape Delay, by Charles Neal, 1987
Interviews and pictures of Nick Cave, EN, and others. Published by SAF (UK)

Judas Jesus, by Rolf Vasellari, 1987?
1 contribution (7 lines on Dave-id of the Virgin Prunes) by Nick Cave. Published by Black Sheep Press (Zurich, Switzerland)

King Ink, by Nick Cave, 1988
Mostly lyrics up through YFMT. Both hard-cover and paperback. Black Spring Press

And The Ass Saw The Angel, novel by Nick Cave, 1989
Hard cover published by Black Spring Press. Since 1990, Penguin Pocket edition (paperback) available.

AS-FIX-E-8, a comic by Lydia Lunch and Nick Cave, 1993
Artwork: Mike Matthews. 35 pages. Published by Last Gasp.

Fish In A Barrel, by Peter Milne, 1993
This photo book contains (besides all the great pictures) an intro and interview written by Nick. Published by 2.13.61 (Henry Rollins)

Hellfire: Life according to Nick Cave, by Jeremy Dean, 1995
Very concise and erroneous account of Nick's life and work. Published by The Dunce Directive, London.

Bad Seed: A Biography of Nick Cave, by Ian Johnston, 1995
Relatively good book. Ian is the brother of James - Gallon Drunk vocalist). Published by Little, Brown and Company, London.

Nick Cave - The Birthday Party and Other Epic Adventures, by Robert Brokenmouth, 1996
Mainly about Boys Next Door and Birthday Party. Published by Omnibus Press, London.

King Ink II, by Nick Cave, 1997
Sequel to King Ink, includes lyrics from TP to The Boatman's Call. Published by Black Spring Press

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