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The interviews here are in reverse chronological order. In other words, the most recently written articles are at the top of the list.

1997 - 1998

June, 1998
This magazine isn't known for it's journalistic integrity, but this is the most enjoyable interview from 1998.

May, 1998
Soundi (Finland)
Highlights only from this interview. Nick drops a bomb on us concerning... Jethro?

May, 1998
Record Collector (US)
A good Overview by an obvious fan of Nick's work. Interesting take on The Mercy Seat. Great stuff.

May, 1998
Les Inrockuptibles (France)
Mick Harvey details the decisions behind the Best Of.. release and notes some concerns about Nick.

May, 1998
The Age (Aus)
Starting from the begining, this article touches on many parts of Nick's career and asks him about the future.

May, 1998
ZTV (Europe)
A bit disjointed and incomplete, but a nice litle report of a television exposé on Nick.

May, 1998
New Musical Express (UK)
Inclomplete, but here Nick talks about Mick, Blixa and highlights the question: "Why suits?"

May, 1998
The Observer (UK)
Shots fired on both sides turns this simple interview into a near warzone. Some day the interviewers will learn.

May, 1998
Daily Telegraph (UK)
A good interview and a good read. Nick says that "I seem to have a much greater capacity to feel things." Interesting.

May, 1998
The Times (UK)
An Insider's View: Luke, Fatherhood, the "Best Of...", Michael Hutchence, and notes about Nick's current status.

April, 1998
Musikexpress (Deutche)
A very short section of this German article. Nick talks about his future plans a bit.

November, 1997
Sydney Morning Herald (Aus)
More proof that Nick will only open up when asked about his son Luke.

November, 1997
The Daily Telegraph (Aus)
"Love is a state that I would like to exist in continuously," he says.

August, 1997
Wanted (Hungary)
A very personal account of tBC, MB, PJ and KM. A very good interview that has lost a bit by being translated from English to Hungarian and back.

June, 1997
Trouw (Dutch)
Looking close at the religious side of Nick, all the way back to his youth.

May, 1997
Melody Maker (UK)
Watch out! Nick takes a very close look at his life while speaking with a female reporter. Read This!

April, 1997
Alternative Press (US)
Just a lovely rant about the non-commercial potential The Boatman's Call, from the truly astounding mind of Dave Thompson.

March, 1997
The I (Australia)
Nick is interviewed by a reporter with no background in the man. Someone please get her a copy of the discography, or at least the FAQ...

March, 1997
Mojo (Via Russia)
This article is a bit difficult to follow, because it was translated to Russian and then back. If anyone ahs the original, let me know.

March, 1997
Goldmine (US)
A short excerpt of a much longer article. I may type in the rest of the article, when I've got a few weeks.

March, 1997
MTV (Europe)
A transcript of Nick rattling on about Abbey Road studios and TBC

March, 1997
The Independent on Sunday (UK)
"When Harry Met... Nick": Henry Rollins and Nick Cave discuss the root of their friendship. These "real men" see how vulnerable they are...

March, 1997
Radiomafia (Finland)
A few paragraphs about TBC, playing live, and his image.

March, 1997
Haagsche Courant (Dutch Newspaper)
Parts of a small interview. Good read.

March, 1997
New Musical Express (UK)
A nice little stroll through King Ink II

March, 1997
Beat Magazine (US)
Notes on Kylie and The Boatman's Call. Good interview. Nick seems half awake, even.

January, 1997
The I (Australia)
Mick Harvey gets to talk about the soundtrack for To Have and To Hold, and about The Boatman's Call in Part 2

March, 1997
Addicted To Noise (US)


Timeout (UK)
One of the strangest interviews. The author seems have some strange fixations...

October, 1996
This is the direct rough transcript of an interview with Robert Brokenmouth, author of the Birthday Party book.

October, 1996
By Nick (UK)
The letter written to MTV concerning his nomination for Murder Ballads, plus NME comments, and a post-script from the event itself.

August, 1996
Hustler (US)
A one page photo shoot done as an "endorsement". I hope this is done tongue in cheek.

July, 1996
Details (US)
A "Scary Nick" photo with a bit of a story. Taken from an article covering other stars as well.

June, 1996
Stomp and Stammer (US)
A good, though short, Q & A-style interview with an online magazine.

June, 1996
Seconds (US)
This lengthy interview is very well done. And Nick admits, "I definitely shouldn't do interviews with women."

June, 1996
Guitar Player (US)
This quick interview with Mick Harvey is fun and short. Mick details a bit of life with the Bad Seeds and talks about his tools of choice.

May, 1996
Rolling Stone (US)
Good length interview that pretty well written though it's author seems to be a bit naive. But perhaps I'm just too used to Brit journos

March, 1996
Request (US)
This short interview only shows that the Interviewer has no background in Nick's humour.

February, 1996
Tender Prey (UK)
From the Official Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds newsletter comes this tidy little interview.

January, 1996
Rip It Up (New Zealand)
This one _really_ focuses on Murder Ballads.

January, 1996
Billboard (US)
One of the few interviews where Reprise management is quoted, but the guy thinks that Nick "had that great track on the Batman Forever soundtrack." Still worth reading.

January 15, 1996
The Big Issue (UK)
Not the most professional of interviews, but Nick makes a few interesting references to his early years.

1994 - 1995

January 12, 1996
Ekstra Bladet (Denmark)
A nice short interview from the Danish daily.

November, 1995
Rolling Stone (Australia)
A two part interview with Nick, and then with Kylie. She's "fetching."

October, 1995
The Wire (Australia?)
A good strong Interview with Mick Harvey discussing Intoxicated Man and a bit about himself and his psychology.

March, 1995
Puncture (US)
Good, lengthy interview, but doesn't cover much new ground until later towards the end.

March, 1995
The Bad Seeds Newsletter (UK)
A letter from Nick to his fans. A delightful little read.

January, 1995
Revue (Australia)
The first of a two part article, Michael Dwyer talks with Mick Harvey.

December, 1994
Revue (Australia)
Part 2 of the Revue article, where Dwyer chats on a rather surface level with Nick.

Summer, 1994
Teeth (Lollapalooza Tour Packet)
Henry Rollins tells us 'what the bad seeds mean to me' and some notes about the current line-up.

Radio JJJ (Australia)
Taken from a radio interview, Nick talks about his son Luke!

No. 9, 1994
Australian Style (Australia)

December, 1994
Hypno (US)
A medium length interview by a real fan who really knows Nick's work and appreciates it.

August, 1994
Rolling Stone (US)
Short interview with Nick during the Lolla tour. Great ending, but Nick still plays with the interviewer's head.

August, 1994
American Music Press (US)
A good overview of Nick's work up through Let Love In. Well written, though a bit dry.

May, 1994
Juice (Australia)
A rocky interview with a few gems. Nick seems almost animate in this interview.

April, 1994
New Musical Express (UK)
A short excerpt concerning Do You Love Me (Part Two)

1990 - 1993

July, 1993
Rolling Stone (Australia)
This is a short clip of an interview Tex Perkins of The Cruel Sea relating a karaoke night with Nick Cave.

March, 1993
Juice (Australia)
A fun and amazingly candid interview with former Go-Between and Tuff Monk G. W. McLennan

No 13, 1992
Village Noize (US)
A reasonably good interview by a real fan. Nice comments about Henry's Dream.

December, 1992
Rave (Australia)
Discussing Asutralianess, Henry's Dream, and such, Nick scratches a few layers of the surface, but not many.

November, 1992
Elle (Australia)
Nick is interviewed by his look-alike, Aussie actor, Noah Taylor. Fun and fluff.

June, 1991
Drum Media
Rob Miller talks with Blixa Bargeld, discussing his work with both Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave.


Summer, 1989
Dangerous Rhythms (US)
This is hysterical! Nick and the boys taunt the poor interviewer mercilessly. A thrilling interview.

February 2, 1989
New Musical Express (UK)
Nick Cave, Shane Macgowan, and Mark E Smith get together for a rambling and rocking interview. Long but well worth the read.

Robert Brokenmouth talks with Mick Harvey about The Bad Seeds, Crime And The City Solution and The BP.

Blissed Out: The Raptures of Rock (New Zealand)
Exerpt from the book.

December, 1988
Sounds (UK)
A good long interview about going on tour right after rehab. Followed up with a review of Tender Prey.

February, 1988
A good overview of The Bad Seeds up through Your Funeral... My Trial

February, 1988
On The Street (Aus)
Rob Miller's interview explores the time just before Tender Prey was released.

September, 1986
OOR (Dutch)
Nick explores Kicking Against the Pricks, track by track. This is a fascinating look at this album.

Offense Newsletter
From the in-between days, Mick Harvey gives his taken on the Birthday Party and What lies ahead.

May, 1983
On The Street (Aus)
Shortly after the demise of the Birthday Party, Rob Miller catches Nick pondering his next moves.

April, 1983
Offense Newsletter w/ Birthday Party
A "Must Read" Interview! See how the Bad Seeds started and the Birthday Party blew out.


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