Nick Cave Interview

Ztv (Europe)
10 May 1998

Sent by Juha Yläoja

Juha writes:

As I promised here's the report from the Cave interview that was showed on Ztv.

The interviewer begins the interview with asking if Nick still wants to have a desktop job, meaning just composing and writing, because Nick was tired of doing live concerts and such stuff. Nick replied that he has changed his mind about it, since the last tour, The Boatman's Call tour is the best they've ever done claims Nick.

He adds, "At times the previous tours felt too monotonous, so we changed the whole thinking behind our performance. We've made it more delicate, silent, concentrated. I love doing that kind of show. It also demanded a lot of concentration from the band's side and I think they did it really well"

"...I'm very pleased with the Bad Seeds at the moment..."

(Henry Lee video clip played)

About P.J. Harvey:
(NIck tells that they made the video in one take (!) ) "Polly and I didn't know what was going on in the video or between us privately. We weren't together before the video, but afterwards we were."

About Deanna & Anita Lane:
"We taped the video in Melbourne, and that's the place were she lives. That's actually where Anita comes from also. Melbourne girls are wild and lovely. I still have contact with both of them. I usually have contact with the women I've been together with, I don't know why, but I like it."

About Michael Hutchence

Q: You sang "Into My Arms" at Micheal's funeral. Was it your decision or was it from his family?

A: (Long moment of silence) Paula wanted me to sing the song at the funeral. It was one of Micheal's favorite songs. Micheal was a very close friend of mine.

Q: You owned a cafe together. What memories do you have of him?

A: We became very close friends the last 3-4 years. And... despite our musical differences... we just became very close friends really. Micheal needed friends and I was one of them, and I'm very proud of that. He was a very lovely person. I loved the person that he was.

Q: Were you surprised by his death?

A: I don't really wanna get into that.

(They talk about Australia and it's people and Nick mentions that he loves a lot of the music coming from Australia, and mentioned Dirty Three as an example.)

About the best of album:
Nick says that he wasn't involved in putting this record together and he let Mick Harvey do the selections. He said something like: "I can't think of anything worse than going through my past dark years, that would be horrible. It took time until I listened to the record, I did it mainly because of the interviews, so I've done some homework. It was actually very interesting to listen to the record, and i'm shocked to notice how good the Bad Seeds actually are."


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