what the bad seeds mean to me

Teeth (Lollapalooza)

by Henry Rollins
Sent by Lacey

Attached is the article I promised from the Lollapalooza 1994 tour program called Teeth (because everyone's are different). It includes the little article written by Henry Rollins and then a short biographical q&a about the Bad Seeds but it doesn't say who answered this q&a. I don't know if this half page blurb was in all the tour's programs but it was in the Atlanta and Chicago ones. Enjoy! -Lacey

I was in England during the summer of 1984 doing shows with Black Flag when the Bad Seeds were doing some of their first shows. I took a bus trip to Bristol to see them. I hadn't seen Nick for about a year since I had met him in Los Angeles when he was there with the Birthday Party. I stood in the middle of about three hundred people in an old broken-down hall and watched an amazing show. Opening with Leonard Cohen's "Avalanche," the set was dark and powerful. When I got back to London I tried to explain what I had seen to the rest of my band but could not.

The music of the Bad Seeds draws upon history and epic emotional scope. Drifters, losers, prisoners, and killers. Life's damned; those pushed to an extreme. These are the ones who find themselves staggering through the music of the Bad Seeds. Emphasis on the word "extreme." There is a brutal and harsh beauty to their songs of loneliness.

Some of the best live shows I have ever seen have been Bad Seeds performances. Belgium 1990: I'll never forget watching Nick walk past me to the center of the stage, with several thousand people waiting. "I want to tell you about a girl..." The band whiplashed into "From Her to Eternity," and the crowd went crazy. Electrifying.

Check the albums - all of them. Ten years of releases from From Her to Eternity to Let Love In. I don't know any band with a decade of music this good under their belt. This is immense stuff. Words fall short of describing their music. You should investigate the Bad Seeds much and often. I've been paying close attention to Nick's work since I first heard him with the Birthday Party, in 1981. It gets better as it goes.

The Bad Seeds:

Martyn P. Casey, bass
Jim Sclavunos, percussion
Thomas Wydler, drums
Conway Savage, piano and organ
Mick Harvey, guitar
Nick Cave, vocals

Due to the great Blixa Bargeld's unavailability for this tour, the great James Johnstone (Gallon Drunk) will be joining the Bad Seeds on guitar.

What makes this band unique: The way they meld their different methodologies into the singular musical unit that is Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Name of the group Nick Cave was in before the Bad Seeds: The Birthday Party

Current release: Let Love In (Mute/Elektra Records).

Other bands that the Bad Seeds are also involved with: Einsturzende Neubauten, Die Haut, the Triffieds.

What Nick Cave and Brad Pitt have in common: They co-starred in the feature Johnny Suede.

Why they wanted to do Lollapalooza '94: To get to the other side.


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