Best of... Interview

Soundi, May, 1998 (Finland)

Interview by Merja Asikainen
Sent by Henrik Gustafsson

Nick Cave is interviewed in the Finnish rock magazine Soundi 5/98 by Merja Asikainen. The magazine has a nice picture (I haven't seen before) of Nick on the cover: he's looking quite nasty with a cigarette in his mouth. I will not translate the whole thing, only a couple of notes I thought you could find interesting.

The interviewer thinks Cave seems relaxed, probably due to the fact that "it is the first day of interviews".

About "The Best of...":
- First I did not want to do it, but now I am surprised at how excellent a band The Bad Seeds really is. The musicians are really something.

- All the band members [except Nick himself] made a list of about 20 songs they wanted on the album. Mick Harvey's list was chosen. (Webmaster's note: Then Straight To You added by Nick.)

About films:
- Nick is writing music to Jake "son of Ridley" Scott's first film. He may also make music to John Hillcoat's next movie.

About his son(s!):
- I have two sons, Jethro in Australia and Luke here in London. They are both six years old. I only see Jethro once or twice a year when I visit Australia. I feel like I'm more of a father to Luke. I love him [Luke] very, very much. He's the most important thing in my life. When he some day realises what he wants to do with his life, I'll encourage him in every way. Except maybe if he wants to be a cop. I would find that ... a bit hard. Anything else goes, though!

Nick doesn't really remember last year's visit to Finland (Ruisrock) and says they will only play some festivals this summer.


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