Musikexpress (Deutche)
April 1998

by Holger In't Veld
Sent by Nina

Yesterday I read an article in a magazine about Nick Cave. Maybe you know this one already; from Musikexpress/sounds 4/98, one of the crapiest German music magazines I know. Don't know why I bought it, maybe because Nick's on the cover. OK here's a short and very rough translated summery in hope that you understand it. - Nina

  1. The usual description of Nick's house (Softly illuminates it (the light) the huge livingroom that leads to the kitchen...)

  2. A big part on an Estonian composer named Arvo Part, introduced as Nick's favourite composer. (Blixa said something similar in a radio-interview recently)

  3. Three pages full of nothing and pictures

...besides that Nick writes more and more essays. He wrote something about a new Russian film for the demanding weekly 'The Indepentent'. Furthermore he is writing on articles for a book named 'Language of Religion', a further volume of [...] King Ink: "This is something I'd like to do more: to write down my thoughts about certain questions." And a new novel, a follow-up to And the Ass saw the Angel? Yes, he's collecting some material for this, too. Will it be fiction again? Sure, I've said enough about myself."...


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