On Screen Interview

MTV (Europe) News
March 22-23, 1997

by Mark Mordue
Transcribed by Lisa

Abbey Road

"The thing about Abbey Road is, is that it's a great studio and it's got an incredible, uhm, it's got a huge room in it, which, you know, makes things sound really good. So we didn't go there as an homage to Oasis or the Beatles or everyone else who has recorded there."

The Boatman's Call

"This record has been written over a period of three years and I made the Murder Ballads record while I was writing this record. The record was a kind of side-project and at the same time I was able to spent more time writing this record, which is, I think, far more serious work, and I just ended up with a collection of songs which documented what really happened to me over, you know, for the last couple of years.

"So there's some really joyful songs on this and bitter songs. There's a wide range of different feelings on it, but, I guess, there is an overall melancholy feeling about the whole thing.

"It's a consistent record with very strong personal songs. It's the kind of record I admire other artists for making. So I'm very proud of this record."


"We just have to do concerts that are more in keeping with the album. That should be quite exciting. I don't know what the outcome of that will be, but we have definitely decided that we don't want to go touring again, or doing major tours. That's a thing of the past.

"We will do concerts. But we have to find a different way of doing it. I refuse to go on tour any more. We're too old basically.

"Normally with touring we feel comfortable with the way it's been for a long time. We just get out and perform the songs. And the concerts have been quite similar for a long time. There have been different songs but the way we've gone about it is similar.

"This time we will be doing something quite different. We're gonna have to take the whole touring thing back to the drawing board. Work out a different way of touring and a different way of presenting everything."


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