The Cruel Sea

Rolling Stone, July 1993
Written by Jack Marx

Just pulled this out of the Rolling Stone (Aust edition) of July 1993, from an article on The Cruel Sea. Anyway, here's what Tex Perkins had to say:
- Richard

Tex Perkins: But Nick Cave and myself got up and did karaoke in Brisbane one night at this Mongolian BBQ karaoke restaurant. It was just a bunch of normal, Brisbane folk. Me and Nick got up to do Fernando, Sometimes When We Touch and He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother. I was just playing the straight man, but Nick was doing the whole Birthday Party bit, with the kneedrops and the 'Raarrggh!', running up to tables doing the cabaret terrorist act, kissing old ladies. They took it for two numbers, and by the third they'd had enough and wanted to go back to, well, enjoying their evening."


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