The Cave File

Information on our musical friend...

The meager scraps of information that have been let out of the bag by Nick have found their way onto my greasy little keyboard and on to your probing little computer. The info available is arranged by my preference with little or no regard to actual order... general information, images, inspirations, song details and then everything else.

General Information


The Frequently Asked Questions file. (Russian Translation available.)

The Discography

An in-depth discography including official releases, promos, bootlegs, and more.

Lyrics and Chords

The lyrics to many of Nicks songs with more to come.

Concert Song Lists

A beautiful listing of the songs performed by NC&tBS at many different shows.


Nick's illustrious film career is small but here's the information on them all.

Nick Cave Videos

Thanks again to Maurice, we have a a great listing of all the Cavey vids, plus most of the directors.

Cave Commerce

Here's some tips as to where to track down some of Nick's harder-to-find works.


Addresses for Tender Prey, Mute and more. Also describes how to receive artist updates from Mute Records.

Bad Seed Birthdays

Here are the dates for the Birthday Parties (and their astrological signs).

Related Bands

Explore the bands that sits along side NC&BS in the music world. Lots of links, and new pages soon.

Art, Images and Sounds

Cover Art

A gallery of artwork from many releases including the singles.

The Photo Album

Pictures and photographs of Nick and the band. Currently only includes portraits of Nick and concert stage shots.

Book Covers

Images from the covers of books by and about Nick and the Band

Sound Clips

A growing collection of sound files in RealAudio format

Best Of Cover Artist

Taken from The Witness, Nick talks about the cover art used for the Best Of release.

Who Has Influenced Nick

Original Seeds Album

This compilation album collects original versions of songs that Nick has covered.

Peter Straub

This author has provided inspiration for Nick in some of his recent albums.

Blind Lemon Jefferson

On First Born Is Dead, Nick sings about this famous Blues pioneer.

Nick on
Leonard Cohen

Nick points to the origins of LC's influence in his life.

James Ellroy
on Nick

James Ellroy bad-mouths Nick in this rather scathing report from 1997.

Who Nick Has Influenced

Senator Bartlett
on Nick Cave

This Aussie Senator mentioned Nick during his first speech in office.

Occupation: Millionaire

Part of The Boatman's Call will end up on this new novel.

A Portrait
of Murder

Could this Bay Area artist take a listen to Murder Ballads? Survey says: Yes!

Song and Album Details

Mack The Knife

Kim gives us the low-down on Nick's inevitable cover of this song.

Caught Red Handed

Excerpt from an interview where Nick discusses Red Right Hand, plus the original text from Paradise Lost.

O'Malley's Bar Extended

Nick and the band performed on the Mark Radcliffe's show with this extended version of an already over-the-top track

St. Christina

Nick's Christina The Astonishing is based on this description in Butler's Lives of the Saints.

The Brompton Oratory

The song from The Boatman's Call describes an actual building. See the painting here.


Songs in The Key of X has more than just Nick's Red Right Hand on it.

Stagger Lee

Details about long history of the track on Murder Ballads

Body Count

Murder Ballads has a very bloody trail. See here to find out how bloody.


Newspaper article on the "shocking" album, Murder Ballads.

Other Information


Notes, pictures, stories and articles that range from all over.


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