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Where to get your next fix

Where to get some items depends on what you want in the first place. This page is not here to list every rinky-dink little music shop that has Henry's Dream in the back, under a pile of Carpenter's vinyl. I want places that are distributors of hard to find Cave related items. If you can help out, let me know.


Nick Cave (A Biography)

There are a few "first printing" copies of this book available, directly from the *author*. Payments should be made by mail money order or cash (no coins), but a money order is most advisable in Italy. An image of the front cover is available. The book also includes a CD of Nick reading from "And The Ass Saw The Angel". Please e-mail the author first to work out the shipping charges.

Andrea Cangioli
C.P. 265
00125 - Roma


Note from the Webmaster: This isn't a rinky-dink operation. The people making this offer are good, reputable people.

This place has been noted to have Bad Seed, Fish In a Barrel, Nick Cave: BP and Other Epic Adventures, ATASTA, Hellfire, KI 1 and 2, in hard backs and paper backs.


Ghosts of the Civil Dead

Cynthia wrote:
While Ghost of the Civil Dead may not be distributed in the US, a place called Facets Multimedia in Chicago may be able to find it for a price. They deal in obscure titles and used to rent movies via mailorder. I'm not sure if they do that anymore though. I searched for their Web page and all it really contains is their address and phone number as follows:

Facets Multimedia
1517 W Fullerton
Chicago, Illinois, 60614-2087

Phone: (773) 281-4114

Snipped from a random e-mail: ...Forbidden Books and Video in Dallas, (Texas?) rents "Ghosts of the Civil Dead"...

The Road to God Knows Where

Michael Collins wrote: (800-637-9239) has "The Road to God Knows Where" for $24.95 US. It's catalogue number 2NMVO1. They also carry EN's "Halber Mensch" for the same price (cat # ENMVO1).

CDNow stocks "Pleasure Heads Must Burn" for $15.95, and may have "Live at the Paradiso" as well.

Shelley wrote:
I was visiting record stores on Melrose the other day and happened to come across a copy of "Ghosts of the Civil Dead" w/o a cover. I asked the buyer to order me another copy w/ a cover and I warned him that I would be posting this...

Taang! Records
7416 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046-7515

Phone: (213) 653-3573
Ask for Ian (eye-an)

Cathy wrote:
For the Americans out there who have had trouble finding this, it can be ordered from: It's $25.00 - use the search engine and type "ghosts of civil dead" and it should come up. I've had several friends order from this company and they've never had any problems.

More Information on Nick's film career is available.

Sheet Music

Michel Le Stum sent me details about sheet music for the Murder Ballads. The book contains all the songs from the album, arranged for voice, piano and guitar. Catalogue number: AM937651. It's complete with guitar chord boxes and lyrics. The book is published by:
Music Sales Limited
8/9 Frith Street
London W1V 5TZ

It can also be ordered through

Music Sales Pty Limited
120 Rothschild Avenue
Rosebery, NSW 2018

And you can visit the Music Sales' Internet Music Shop (and order) at

Concert Bootlegs

Simon found a couple of sites on the net that offer concert bootlegs. If you know of any others, we'd like to know about them. (Italy) Videos:

Collector's Recordings

Joe Franke had a number of items from his personal collection of Birthday Party and NC&tBS eras, which he put on sale when he opened his store. I forwarded his list onto the Goodson list and a few of the items were sold quickly. He has some stuff left as of June 98.
Joe Franke
Axis Records & Comics
1431-A Park St.
Alameda, CA 94510
(510) 864-8682

Mark noted:
Red Eye in Australia has just got their website up and offering some pretty okay stuff like: BIRTHDAY PARTY...ticket to show at Paddington Town Hall Sunday January 31st...Cat # 00001...Price - $25 (Aus Dollars). Also batches of records and cds etcet...rarities for the most part. Cave-related...check 'em on I've been sending them my money for a few years now...fine service.

Joe Franke
Axis Records & Comics
1431-A Park St.
Alameda, CA 94510
(510) 864-8682

Cover Art Posters

Junkyard has a poster print from the Birthday Party's Junkyard album cover art.

Concert Posters

Legends Concert Posters has a good selection of concert posters, including a few from Nick's late 80's-early 90's tours.

Online Music Stores
- Australia's 78 Records has two things going for it: Blind Lemon Jefferson in their logo and Nick in their store!
MusicMatch - Musicmatch is an interesting online music store.
Greg's Music World - This site is a good source of Aussie music, and it has a good reputation. - Good layout and reasonable Nick Cave and Birthday Party selection makes this an okay site.
CD Now - One of the first stores on the Net.


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