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Below you'll find most of the lyrics that Nick Cave has ever written or recorded. There are even some translations of those lyrics, some guitar chords for the songs, and links to other lyric and chord web pages.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Lyrics
The Boatman's Call Lyrics Chords
Murder Ballads Lyrics Chords
Let Love In Lyrics
Henry's Dream Lyrics Chords
The Good Son Lyrics Chords
Tender Prey Lyrics
Your Funeral... My Trial Lyrics Chords
Kicking Against The Pricks Lyrics Chords
The Firstborn Is Dead Lyrics Chords
From Her To Eternity Lyrics Chords

Die Haut Lyrics
(All Albums Compiled) Lyrics Chords

The Birthday Party Lyrics
Mutiny!/The Bad Seed Lyrics Chords
Junkyard Lyrics Chords
Prayers On Fire Lyrics Chords
Hee Haw Lyrics Chords

The Boys Next Door Lyrics
Door, Door Lyrics Chords

Anita Lane Lyrics
Many Releases Lyrics Chords

Misc. Works
Soundtrack Contributions Lyrics Chords
Non-Album Songs Lyrics Chords
Traditional Song Versions Lyrics Chords
Parody Song Versions Lyrics Chords

Each album's lyrics are listed in the order of either the original LP release track listing, or in the order of the tracks on the current CD pressing of the album. The available B-sides from the singles are listed at the end of the album's lyrics.

Other lyrics requested: I think I have collected all of the lyrics for songs that Nick has recorded since the demise of the Birthday Party. Now I'm looking for songs from before FHTE, including The Birthday Party and The Boys Next Door. If you have any that are not here, tell me!

Other chords requested: Nearly the entire Your Funeral... My Trial album and many B-sides. Also I'm only missing Far From Me and Green Eyes from The Boatman's Call. If you'd like to write chords so that they are easy to put up, check out this tutorial (mirror). There seem to be a lot of good guitar resources available at

Other Sites

Lyrics from Russia
This lyrics page is from Russia. Some of the characters do not display correctly, but there are lots of lyrics here.

Russian Translations
More lyrics from Russia. WtWRG and The Weeping Song are listed here.

Andy's Chords
Andy's own page with the latest pages of guitar chords.

Greg's Chords
Greg has very well done pages of chords. In particular, Dumb Europe, The Mercy Seat, Do You Love Me?, and Red Right Hand.

Luca's Lyrics
Luca has a nice page here, with a few snipets of lyrics that have been carefully selected.

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