Related Bands

Talk about connections! Nick's involvement with the Aussie music scene in the late '70's and the UK since the early '80's, has brought him in contact with a wide range of musicians and industry types. Below is some information on the bands, along with links to relevant web sites.

Watch this page for the huge chart that I'm planning on scanning and updating concerning a musical family tree around Nick Cave.

Here's the start: Family Tree


The Birthday Party
Mutiny In Heaven - The Birthday Party page. Built with a lot of cigarettes... Great Job.
The Birthday Party - Information on the band that Nick was in before the Bad Seeds

Bad Seeds' Projects
Lots of Family Ties - Maruice has been pulling together a lot of information on various bands that are part of the Bad Seed canon. Includes Mick Harvey's discography and more.
Einstürzende Neubauten - Ripping Book music. Collapsing New Buildings. Avant Garde musicians push the envelope including Bad Seed Blixa Bargeld
Einstürzende Neubauten - A great page that's been well designed. It's written in mostly English.
Blixa Bargeld - EN front man Blixa Bargeld has his own web site now, that details his current work. The site is in both English and German. Good site, though a bit sparse.
The Archive of EN - Nina's site of EN information is a great source of interviews, lyrics tape trading and more.
EN Mailing list - has put together a new ENmailing list. Hopefully this one will have more staying power than the last two.
Mick Harvey - A new page that adventures into the world of Mick Harvey, one of the un-sung heros of the music world.
Crime And The City Solution - A site about a related band that Mick Harvey and some members of EN were part of.
Barry Adamson - A small page that details some of Barry Adamson's adventures outside the Bad Seeds.
Anita Lane - Finally this amazing person has her own fan page. A good and growing site.
The Cramps - Former Bad Seed Kid Congo Powers was a Cramp before hooking up with Nick.
The Gun Club - Ex-Bad Seed Kid Congo Powers' other ex-band. (Blixa played on Mother Juno.
The Dirty 3 UK label - This site comes from the D3's label in the UK, Bella Union
The Dirty 3 - Warren Ellis's Aussie three piece of violin, guitar and drums is wonderful. Check this site for details.
Dirty 3 Discog - Maurice put together a discography. Was it only a matter of time? :)
Gallon Drunk - Another great related band. This site will be taken down soon.
Tindersticks - Yet another great related band. They opened for NC&tBS in 1995.
Lydia Zamm - Lydia Zamm's debut album was produced by Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos and performs with Kid Congo Powers.

Similar Bands
Emphemera and... - The Fall's Mark E. Smith has been described (along with Nick and Shane MacGowan) as "the last three heroes of rock'n'roll."
Mr. Motes - Up and coming California band with that dark blues-rock edgy feel.
Furniture - New York band whose style is sometimes compared to Nick. Great cover of the Sound of Silence.


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