Occupation: Millionaire

Nick lyrics in Novel

A Nick Cave fan noted:

I feel obligated to report that I turned an author on to Nick via The Boatman's Call, and she received permission to quote bits of the oft-maligned Black Hair and Green Eyes in a novel. For you completists, the novel is titled Occupation: Millionaire, by Alexandra Sellers, was published in April 1998. I think this may qualify as Nick's most unexpected appearance yet.

Ross reported:

Yes, I've read a romance novel. And I liked it. :)

Of course having the author refer to Nick as "a piano player who could melt marble," doesn't hurt. On two different pages, Nick is quoted during rather crucial points of the story. Here's one:

From page 71: Someone walked by with a radio playing very softly. "The smell of her deep black hair," chanted a man with passionate intensity. "Full of my whispered words."


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