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Here are some other sites on the net that are available for your reading and viewing pleasure. Hopefully you'll find more kicks than pricks. But remember the net is always changing and people are always moving their files around. If you come across a link that doesn't work, try it again later. If it's still broken, let me know.

I have begun moving links into the subject areas around the Cave Inn. As this list has begun to grow much too large, this will put these links in more useful places.


  • Label and Distributor
  • Fans' pages
  • Nick Specific pages
  • Mailing List, Newsgroup, IRC
  • Lyrics and Tabs
  • Translations and Selections
  • Search Engines
  • Interviews and Reviews
  • Other Information
  • Related and Similar Bands
  • General Music Sites
  • Online Music Stores
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    Mute Records
    Nick's Home Label

    (FTP directory)

    Reprise Records
    Nick's U.S. Distributor

    Fans' Pages
    In English

    Collector's Hell

    - It's the site we've all been waiting for! Maurice has finally put his extensive archives on the web! As Maurice's information has been the core of the Cave Inn, you'll obviously find lots of great info here.

    King Ink

    - Advanced technology takes on Nick Cave in this epic struggle! See the fight unfold before your very eyes! Good luck, Skin!

    Nick Cave- Telling Stories

    - Tell stories says it all. It's a wonderful site that Lucas has put together. Let's hope he adds to it in the future.

    Pero Bilcic's Nick Cave

    - Pero's site is a wonderful summary of Nick's career. His page is well designed, and well on it's way to being a good resource.

    Nick Cave

    - A very nicely designed site that moved to a faster server, thank goodness! Very original.

    A Totally Nick Cave Page

    - A really nice new site (July, 97) With a great attitude and style. Nice and clean and lots of colorful text.

    Nick Cave - A Selection

    - Great pictures of Nick at a reading plus a list of fans and a great list of videos including TV appearances. Also available without frames.

    Waxer's Nick Cave Page

    - Straight from the land of Oz, Jason has a neat page of links, and great style.

    Cave of Nick

    - A nice little site that's growing.
    Not In English

    The Mercy Site

    - This Itallian site is Very intensive! A great site to look through if you have the bandwidth.

    From Nick To Eternity

    - French-based Nick with great design and wonderful pictures. Be sure to check out the family tree page.

    Scum (Dutch)

    - Congratulations to Martin who has done the Net a great favor by posting all of the Nick Cave articles from the Dutch magazine OOR. Now if could just translate them to English...

    Nick Specific Pages

    Looking at
    Nick Cave and
    The Bad Seeds

    - Trouser Press (when available) has a good long page on Nick's work from The Birthday Party up till Henry's Dream.

    Nick Cave
    is Alt.Culture

    - Alt.Culture has a great picture and a good round-up on Nick's work through 1996.

    A Bad Seed's

    - The Rough Guide to Rock looks at NC&tBS. This provides an interesting overview of the band's music history.


    - A French site that's really well done and has a RealPlayer video of Into My Arms!

    and Links

    - A well formatted and well linked discography. But I can't understand why the Australian Rock Homepage is based in Sweden.

    Italian Links

    - I'm unsure what the text on this page says, but Human Genius Entertainment has links to Nick interviews and other pages.

    Australian Bands

    - A listing of Australian Bands from Jasper Lee.

    Mailing List, Newsgroup, IRC

    Goodson List

    - This mailing list discusses everything connected with Nick and his friends. There is an archive of old posts available via FTP.


    - It seems that a USENET newsgroup has been developed for Nick, though I haven't heard any official mention of it. Check to see if your feed has it.

    IRC Channel #NC&tBS


    IRC channel dedicated to Nick Cave on Dalnet. Connect to any DALNET-server (San Diego or Santa Clara are recommended). All the Dalnet servers are "linked" together so when you get connected to any one of them just type in "/join #NC&tBS" and you'll get there.

    For anyone new to IRC you can download the IRC-program mIRC from http://www.mirc.co.uk, which is good for beginners. For help C.L Vigge has offered to answer questions.

    and Selections

    And The Ass...

    - Selection from And The Ass Saw The Angel from Ireland.

    Polish Translations

    - Translations of And The Ass Saw The Angel, King Ink, and King Ink II.

    Music clips

    - This is a commercial site that has good clips of songs from Nick.

    Search Engines

    Alta Vista

    - Use Alta Vista to search The Web or Usenet Newsgroups


    - Wired's HotBot is great for searching for people like Nick Cave or Mick Harvey

    Other Information

    Live Bulletin Board

    - Cool little chat area. Could be a great resource with a little publicity.

    Nick's neighborhood

    - This is a map of the area of a cafe Nick owned, but that is now closed.

    Walter Miller's
    Home page

    - It was suggested that these web pages document the life of an alternate Euchrid, (Anti-hero of Nick's novel). Sad but true, though I have my doubts.

    Roskilde Festival

    - Nick played at Roskilde during the summer of '96.


    - This seems to be another place where Nick played.

    General Music Sites


    - The Ultimate Band List has bands, record labels, radio stations, chats and events, record stores, fanzines, news, and charts.


    - SonicNet has a great listing of net.happenings related to music and the the usual ties to the "All Music Guide" and CD purchasing. Nice graphics.


    - The The Music Database is collecting tracklistings and discographies for all CD-publishing artists. Nick's already here.

    Mind On Music

    - This site has a page on Nick with each of the albums. Mind on Music is a user-driven music information database.


    - Interesting new site. Pretty funky, although still building content.

    In Music & Media

    - Info on Oz's Music scene

    Alter Pendent -- Indie Native

    - alter pendent ~~ indie native has a collection of information regarding indie, alternative, progressive bands and their websites.


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