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Saturday, March 12, 2005

An article on Underworld from Thread magazine in New Zealand:

The combination of sex, contemporary dance and ballet overwhelmed a full house at the premiere of the Sydney Dance Companyís Underland...

It is almost impossible to follow the story which travels into your mind, through your nightmares and explores the inevitably of death within Nick Caveís music. But what does that matter- this is one of the most passionate shows I have ever seen. Iím almost qualified to say such a thing, having studied dance and art (some time ago) and seen at least two ballets per annum for 20 odd years. Underland was nothing like anything I have seen before; a critically acclaimed, 70-minute flight of fancy that drives you into happy madness.


Nick Caveís soundtrack of a selection of his greatest hits, was perhaps the most exciting element of the show. One of my favourite tracks, Weeping Song, was included - a definite highlight. I was a little scared to see his often-inhospitable lyrics and ghostly music translated into dance - I didnít need to worry. Seeing his work brought to life with dance helped me appreciate it even more. The choreography showed a deep love and understanding of the music.

posted by Ross Saturday, March 12, 2005

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