T-Shirt designed for
the Goodson mailing list


Shirt Design

Text reads:  'member of the GOODSON mailing list' with image of Nick
		 looking up and holding a smoking cigarette.

A larger image is available.

From: DenRumer@aol.com
Date: 3 July 1997
To: goodson@geography.leeds.ac.uk
Subject: The Return of the Goodson T-shirt!

Hello, All!

Wake up the neighbors and call the kids!

Yes, I have returned to plunge into the murky depths of mailing list country in order to announce a second run on the "unofficial" Goodson T-shirt. Joy, rapture! It will be the same deal as last time except that, alas, the prices have gone up a bit (the imbeciles decided to hike up the cost to make 'em) so instead of being US$12 each, they will each be US$14 this time. The t-shirt will have the "Member of the Goodson Mailing List" design on them (same as last time, although I might clean it up a bit since I now have some new 'n nifty graphics programs). Once again I'm hoping to gather a minimum of around 30 orders to make it worthwhile, so don't repress your urge to consume frivolously! The deadline to send in your orders is September 15th, 1997.

Alrighty, here's just the facts, ma'am:

Each t-shirt will cost US$14 and the design will be printed on black short-sleeve shirts sizes M, L or XL (or XXL at $15 each) (please specify)

Shipping and handling:

Country First Item(s) Each additional
US & Canada $3.75
(first 4)
Mexico $5 $2.50
Central & South America $6 $3
Europe, Asia & Africa $8 $4
Pacific Rim (Australia) $9 $4.50
US currency only!

Please send your orders specifying how many t-shirts you want and which size for each t-shirt. Also include a check (US only) or money order (or cash via registered mail) in US$ (US and other countries) made out to Denise Merino for the total amount of your order, plus the complete address to which I should send the t-shirt(s). And send all the above to:

Denise Merino
15155 Watertown Plank Road
Elm Grove, WI 53122

By September 25th!

As always any comments, questions or suggestions are most welcome. All you gotta do is e-mail me!

Hasta luego, yo espero!



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