Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
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Portrait of Nick Cave

"Amongst the cogs and the wires, my youth. Vanilla breath and handsome apes with girlish eyes. Dreams that roam between truth and untruth. Memories that become monstrous lies."

- Do You Love Me? (Part 2)


Welcome to The Cave Inn, a virtual library about Nick Cave and his band of musical malcontents. This library has been established to give people from all over the world some background on an intriguing, evolving, engaging and provoking artist. Whether you're new to Mr. Cave's work, or a long time listener, you're likely to find a lot here.

Long time visitors to the Cave Inn will notice that updates to the site have been fewer and further between. This is due to the fact that I'm quite busy professionally, and I've been focusing most of my energies on my new site B-S.O has all the latest news about Nick's work and related artists.

Remember, I'm still taking news and notes, comments and corrections to everything you see here. If you see something you like, or something you don't, be sure to let me know either personally or through the guestbook.

This web site best viewed with The Ship Song (Live from the Royal Albert Hall) playing in the background.


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