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Brett's original web site, the first major Nick Cave site on the Net. Much of the information available on the net today originated here. I've reproduced the front page for those of you who enjoy net.nostalgia. Thanks Brett!


Site Review

The Cave Inn was reviewed in Internet World, Sweden of all places. Here's the link for the article.

For those of you not proficient in Modern Swedish, Jennie K was kind enough to provide a translation:

On The Cave Inn you'll find everything about Goth Rock's answer to Frank Sinatra, Nick Cave. You got it all; articles, lyrics, soundfiles, reviews and so on.

The information is really up to date, the design sober and easily navigated, but a bit boring. And the one who want's too, can learn how the page it's built up.

The grade is seven out of ten (small cute red circles...)

Ah yes- easy, but a bit boring. Perfect epitaph for a gravestone, don't you think?

The tools used to build the Inn


This site has been built purely with Apple Macintosh computers using the Mac OS on both 680x0 and PowerPC microprocessors. The Apple Macintosh is the most advanced personal computer in the world. I would suggest that everyone use a Mac for 1 month, just to see what a computer should be like.


Another major tool used on this site is Bare Bones Software's BBEdit Lite. BBEdit is a text editor that is highly flexible and has some great HTML extensions. Its interface continues to improve with each release, and I hope to upgrade to the full version sometime soon.






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A number of ideals have driven the design of this site. One is the use of HTML that is viewable by nearly all standard browsers. NOFRAMES pages, ALT tags, and properly arranged tables riddle the site. Although not every page will be viewable with Lynx (maybe if I had a MacOS-based text browser...), I have attempted to make the site at least navigable to all and features for advanced browsers are either hidden, or function differently. (For more information on browser-independent design, visit The Campaign for a Non Browser Specific WWW site. )

Graphically, nearly all of the required navigation graphics are loaded when the browser hits the front page. This combined with carefully saved JPEG and GIF images, plus usage of LOWSRC images makes the site pretty speedy. Graphics are kept to a minimum to help the target audience of this site: Non-US, recreational surfers with access via 14.4k and 28.8k modems.

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