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Connecting with Others
Addresses and Lists To talk with fellow fans of C&tCS, contact those listed below. To be added to the list send your name, e-mail address and the country you live in to rosso [AT] For a list-based discussion, contact the Goodson list. Goodson is geared more towards Nick Cave, though related bands like C&tCS are invited to be discussed.

Ross Olson -> rosso [AT]
Darl Pritchard -> dlpritch [AT]
Madelyn Boudreaux -> madelyn [AT]
William Alberque -> walberque [AT]
Chad -> ikb [AT]
zEhn zZyrone -> simulacrum [AT]

Jane Rice
"H Astley" -> saint_huck3 [AT]

Jonathan Levitt -> shanghaii [AT]

Tamna Hatchwell -> tamna.iris [AT]

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