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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Noctorama is out and with it, the special edition with the 'Babe, I'm on Fire' video, which has some great moments, and is pretty aggressive considering the song's 15 minutes long.

Also Epitaph/Anti (Nick's US label) has the Bring It On video in RealMedia format: High bandwidth and the low bandwidth versions.

Epitaph also has a nice set of pages on Nick and the band.
posted by Ross Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

2.13.61 announces the publication of

By Nick Cave

Release date: 4/1/03
Price: $15.00
Cover Art: Attached
Available: Bookstores or through www.21361.com

Out of print for several years in the U.S., 2.13.61 is proud to be able to make this beautiful novel available once again.


Euchrid Eucrow - outcast among outcasts. Born mute to a drunken mother and a father who spends his days building vicious traps and his nights building delicate towers of cards, Euchrid has a mind that seethes with words to express his vision of the world around him.

It is Euchrid alone - ever hidden to escape the town’s self-righteous rage, finding more compassion in the family mule than in his fellow man - who will grasp the cruel fate of Cosey Mo, the beautiful young prostitute in the pink caravan on Hooper’s Hill. And as years pass and events unfold, it is Euchrid, driven farther and farther from the human fold, deeper and deeper into his mad angelic vision, who will both redeem the town and its people with his pain and sacrifice - and wreak a terrible vengeance.

Compelling and astonishing in its baroque richness, Nick Cave’s first and only novel is a fantastic journey into the twisted world of deep Southern gothic tragedy.

posted by Ross Tuesday, March 04, 2003

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