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Saturday, April 07, 2001

As part of the 'Boxed Set' series for Scottish Television, Nick Cave will be performing a studio gig in Glasgow on 12 April 2001. If anyone in ,or that can get to, Glasgow would like tickets to be in the studio audience of 200 people, please contact Emma on 0141 300 3268 or Ian on 0141 300 3721. Audience members will be required to arrive at 5.15 for 5.30pm, and the recording will begin at 6pm and last for approximately an hour. For health and safety reasons, there is a lower age limit on applicants of 16yrs old.

Ian Sizeland
Tel: 0141 300 3721
Email: ian.sizeland@smg.plc.uk
Scottish Television, 200 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3PR

posted by Ross Saturday, April 07, 2001

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