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Bad-Seed News
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Saturday, March 24, 2001

Nick's US tour has started. Here's the set list from the New Orlean's show:

West Country Girl
Sad Waters
People Ain't No Good
The Mercy Seat
God Is In The House
Do You Love Me, Part 2
Wild World
Love Letter
No More Shall We Part
Papa Won't Leave You Henry
Stagger Lee
Into My Arms
The Ship Song
Henry Lee
Straight To You
Loom Of The Land
Little Empty Boat

Nick has also be helping rumours spread regarding a full band tour in the US this fall. Of course he'll have his Euro tour over the summer. He's going to be a busy guy! I hope he knows what he's doing. After all, he's got two new twins.

Nick played Love Letter on The Late Show with David Letterman this past week. It was a reasonable performance, though Nick didn't look very comfortable at all. Was it the lights? The city? Anyone know? Drop me a line if you do.
posted by Ross Saturday, March 24, 2001

Thursday, March 01, 2001

Peter Straub News

Peter Straub's novel "Under Venus" is being re-released. Subtly shaded and ripely evocative, Peter Straub's long unavailable second novel resonates with the gothic impulses he would soon acknowledge as his own and develop into mastery. Straub's legion of fans will be delighted by this early demonstration of his capacity for brilliant prose and dazzling imaginative complexity. Under Venus is an unsettling literary novel of an unsettling time that, on its merits as the work of a young writer hell-bent on finding his voice, richly deserves restoration to print.

Why would you want to know this? There is a Nick Link.
posted by Ross Thursday, March 01, 2001

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