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Bad-Seed News
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Notes from this month are on this page. For previous months, view the previous month's archives. See also the disclaimer and the links to previous years' archives and to other sites that provide news. Known and rumoured tour dates are also available.

Saturday, March 25, 2000

Upcoming Releases

From Maurice

* A new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds recording session is set for September, to be followed next year by an album and a small tour. (Thanks to a usually very reliable source.) [Updated]

* Ute Lemper's "Little Water Song" has been released as single. Thanks Ed W. [The lyrics for the song were written by Nick - Ross]

* On 13 of March the Polish label "Luna Music" released the CD "Artysci piosenki" ("The Artists of song") with songs from last year's Actors' Song Contest. Part of this cd is taken from Nick's concert with Polish artists - between them there is "Into my arms", sung by Cave and Stanislaw Sojka, and two of Nick's songs performed by Kinga Preis ("Przeklenstwo Millhaven" - "The Course of Millhaven") This month another CD will be released, with Nick Cave covers, performed by actors of Wroclaw theatre "K2" - Kinga Preis and Mariusz Drezek. Thanks Darek Anaszko.
posted by Ross Saturday, March 25, 2000

Sunday, March 12, 2000

Secret Life Of The Love Song Distributors
From Anna

... Nick's [new CD, The Secret Life Of The Love Song/The Flesh Made Word, Published by King Mob] is being distributed by two different organisations. One for record store sales & one for book store sales. For record stores it's 3MV, telephone number (UK) 020 7378 8866 for bookshops it's Ellipsis, telephone number (Uk) 020 7739 3157 or email sales@ellipsis.co.uk.

posted by Ross Sunday, March 12, 2000

From the Rumour Mill

"... the recording has been put back to September/October for an early 2001 release and that ALL current Bad Seeds are engaged, there just seems to be a discussion about the superfluity of having 2 drummers (or 3 if you include Mick Harvey) ..."
posted by Ross Sunday, March 12, 2000

New News System

This is the first post using Blogger. Let's see if we can get this to work. I'm pretty hopeful for this to replace the "home-grown" version of the logging process. With any luck, this might mean that I'll actually post real new material to the Bad-seed.org news stuff.

Wow that was pretty easy. This is just the start of the system, but I think this might work pretty well. I got the template of the news page up and running with just about 10 minutes of work, while watching Loveline.

Boy, do I know how to spend a Saturday night or what?

I guess I can start looking at Goodson for news again.
posted by Ross Sunday, March 12, 2000

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