Miscellaneous Information

Notes that don't fit well in other catagories

Nick Town

If you're in Hungary, you can always visit Nick... the town that is.

Nick Tattoo

It's the ultimate in fandom, and the results are pretty good!


Nick's novel And The Ass Saw The Angel can be difficult to track down. Here are some libraries that have it.

Dick Cave and
The Bad Cheese

British jokesters Mark and Lard take on Murder Ballads.

Portobello Cafe

Musician, Writer, Actor... Restaurateur? Nick was part-owner in this London cool hang-out.

Six Degrees

Move over (Kevin) Bacon! Nick Cave has links everywhere too!

Jam and Nick

Pearl Jam has covered Nick's The Ship Song in concert. It's available on a bootleg CD.

Cave Quiz

This post to the alt.gothic newsgroup will test your fandom.

Goodson Quiz

Greg developed this quiz which will really test your knowledge of all things Nick.

Too Fast News

Questions raised about the quick use of Nick articles by net.fans

Cave Comics

Nick Cave's likeness seems to capture comic artist's imaginations and their ink.


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