The Ship Song

"Gene" has covered the Ship Song. It was released on July 21, 1997 as a b-side to the single "Speak To Me Someone". To my knowledge, this is the 7th officially released cover of this song.

  • The Ship Song - Gene (B-Side to "Speak To Me Someone")
  • The Ship Song - Boo Hewerdine
  • The Ship Song - Concrete Blonde (B-Side to "Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man")
  • The Ship Song - Denis Walter" (Australian TV personality & singer)
  • The Ship Song - Swirl
  • The Ship Song - A Subtle Plague
  • The Ship Song - Immaculate Fools

None of these are very good.

Pearl Jam also attempted a cover of it at a concert, but quit half way through saying that it needed more practice.

Sara asked,
I heard somewhere that Nick got the idea for the Ship Song from a Portuguese word (what it is I can't remember, not being familiar with the language) that translates to nostalgia in English, though this translation is not precise and a direct translation from Portuguese to English does not exist. This suggests to me that he is familiar with the language and can speak it, even if only at a basic level.
If anyone could tell me the Portuguese word I am speaking of, I'd appreciate it.

Dolf replied,
The Portugeuse word you're looking for is "saudade", indeed meaning something like yearning, longing for, &c. It is also used in the sense 'Greetings': Saudades do Brazil = Greetings from Brazil, on postcards.

Pedro replied,
Sara, you're speaking of "Saudade". It has no direct translation to English, and nostalgia is not precise, since the word nostalgia also exists in Portuguese, written alike, also meaning nostalgia (in English). Saudade can't be translated to a word in English. The best translation may be "To miss someone or some place", but with a poetic sentiment added. It's not easy to define it in a few words. Maybe if you read some Portuguese poetry you can get the meaning.


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