Web Design


The newest mass medium plays by new rules. Certain limitations from printing and broadcasting are gone. New [limits | challanges] are now directing and affecting.

Gone are worries about halftones and trapping, expensive cameras and tall antenas. The designer no longer has to worry about plates and spots, the communicator no longer has to worry about licences and syncs.

Here are the worries about bit-depth and bandwidth. Give me traffic or give me [death | dead links]. How will it be paid for? How do we get them to return?

Is it art? Yes. Is it engineering? Yes.

Is it [marketing | sales | new media | free | freedom]? Yes.

Putting up a web page is easy. Exploring, developing, implementing and maintaining a powerful, thoughtful web presence is much more [difficult | effective].

That's what r-o-d does well. Work [together | better].


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